Framed Bath Screens


  • A fully framed fixed piece of glass with a smaller swinging panel attached by stainless steel hinges
  • The fixed panel is large enough (around 600mm) to allow the swinging panel (usually about 300mm) to clear the shower rose. The swinging panel folds back through 180 degrees to be flush with the fixed glass panel
  • Allows easy entry to the bath and access to the taps
  • An angled brace at 45 degrees at the top of the screen provides stability

This door is available with Nano4Life protective coating. Click here to learn more

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Glass types:

  • Clear laminated safety glass
  • Cathedral laminated safety glass
  • Translucent laminated safety glass

Standard: 600mm x 300mm x 1600mm

  • Height: up to 1860mm or to the top of your tiles

Frame colours:

  • Almond Ivory
  • White
  • Silver