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We specialise in restoring and replacing worn-out or damaged shower screens, while also offering professional installation services for brand-new ones.
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The Best Shower Screen Installation, Repair and Replacement Service in Melbourne.

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Serving Melbourne Metro and its neighboring regions in country Victoria since 1992.

When it comes to issues like a cracked or shattered screen, faulty hinges or handles, or any other shower screen-related problem, Speedy Shower Screens stands as Melbourne’s leading experts in shower screen repairs. With years of experience, an extensive array of tools, and in-depth knowledge, we have the expertise to restore both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any shower screen.

Our services extend beyond repairs. We also offer tailored shower and bath screen installations to meet your specific needs. Moreover, we can efficiently repair most types of older screens.


Shower Screen Services

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At Speedy, we offer same-day quotations and repairs, ensuring your shower is swiftly restored to working condition, so you can indulge in that much-needed shower.

Glass Repairs

Whether there's a chip or a crack, Speedy can promptly repair, cut, and replace your shower screen on-site.

Faulty Hinges

Have your shower doors become loose, or have the hinges come apart? We have the tools to get it working.

Broken Handles

Can't open or close your shower doors? Have your shower door handles stopped working? Leave it to the experts.

Leaky Showers

Leaking shower screens can be a big problem, but with Speedy, we can make any shower issue seem small.

Track and Rollers

Trouble opening and closing your shower doors? Let us handle the repairs – don't wait for it to become a bigger issue.

Full Replacement

Need a new shower unit? Our shower screen experts can install your new shower units up and running in no time.

Can’t find the shower screen service you need? Send us a message.

Speedy Shower Screens

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As Melbourne’s premier Shower Screen company, we take pride in our extensive offerings. Explore our featured shower screens below or continue to discover our comprehensive product range.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Get expert advice and tips on keeping your bathroom and shower screens cleaner and looking like new.

How to Fix a Leaky Shower - Speedy Shower Screens

How to Fix a Leaky Shower

A Guide from the Experts at Speedy Shower Screens Leaky showers are a common annoyance in any household, but they aren’t just frustrating. They can

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Google Rating
Based on 241 reviews