How We Work

The Board of Directors and management of Speedy Shower Screens Pty Ltd. have a firm commitment to the long term care of the land and environment from which our members and our industry derive our existence, raw material and viability. As such we have developed an environmental policy, which is based on the principles of respect and custodianship for the natural environment and recognition of the need to maintain our future economic viability.

To ensure that the actions of the company are aligned with the above principles, the Board of Directors and management are committed to:

  • Continually monitor the effects of current operations on the environment and include environmental concerns in the decision making process for future changes.
  • Provide sufficient resources and expertise to minimise the environmental impact of all activities and mitigate unavoidable impacts in a manner, which provides the best possible outcome for both the environment and the bottom line of the company.
  • Foster among all employees, through training and ongoing communication, an understanding and sense of responsibility for the environment and an awareness of potential sources of pollution associated with the operation of all aspects of the company.
  • Take the necessary measures to prevent off-site pollution and to have in place appropriate emergency responses in the event that an accident does occur.
  • Ensure that all relevant legislation is abided by, future developments in legislation are anticipated and a good working relationship with all authorities is maintained.
  • Conduct regular reviews of the company’s environmental policy and associated management systems and procedures to ensure that they are achieving continual improvement.
  • Continue to support and maintain an active role in the research and development of environmental policies, guidelines and practices for a fully integrated facility, which are fair and equitable and deliver sustainable benefits to the environment and the organisation.