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Frequently Asked Questions

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Like any business, our customers at Speedy Shower Screens are our most valuable asset. We understand that finding the right shower screen repairer and installation company can be stressful. So, we’ve simplified the process by making your task easier while answering any questions you may have. Here is a list of the most commonly asked shower screen questions.

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Shower Screen FAQ

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To determine the dimensions of your shower screen, follow the instructions in the image guide to measuring the width and height. This information will enable us to expedite your shower screen replacement.


screen measurements

Speedy Shower Screens uses both toughened and laminated safety glass, both of which comply with Australian Standards.

Toughened glass is heat treated to improve its strength and is typically used for Frameless and Semi Frameless shower screen panels where the glass has an exposed edge. If it does break it crumbles into small pieces which are less likely to cause harm. Laminated glass has a plastic layer sandwiched between two layers of glass and is typically used for Fully Framed screens where there are no exposed edges. If it does break the glass can crack like normal glass but is held together by the internal plastic layer. This maintains the integrity of the panel and is less likely to cause harm.

Speedy Shower Screens does not use Wired glass as it is no longer complies with Australian Standards for use in shower screens.

  • Clear laminated glass used in fully framed screens and Optima return panels is 6.38mm thick.
  • White (Translucent) laminated glass used in fully framed screens is 6.38mm thick.
  • Toughened Cathedral glass used in fully framed screens is 5mm thick.
  • The Optima Front and Neptune screens are clear toughened glass 6mm thick.
  • The toughened glass used on the Frameless Fixed Panels is 10mm thick.
  • The toughened glass used on the frameless bath screens is 6mm thick.

A semi-frameless shower screen uses toughened glass which has been cut to size, polished, and put through an intense heat process prior to delivery to us. It can no longer be cut or machined in any way. Some edges of the glass are framed and others are exposed. All exposed edges have a smooth polished finish.

A fully framed screen uses laminated glass which can be cut to size on site. Laminated glass must be framed to cover all edges.

The longer water sits inside the shower screen, the more likely mould will occur. Silicone is mould resistant but can still develop mould over time. Sometimes the mould is behind the silicone and not in it! When the mould on the glazing vinyl is a reddish colour, it may in fact not be mould. Bleach and hair dye can change the colour of the glazing vinyl.

The most common cause of glass breaking is the hot water hitting the glass (particularly old style wired glass) in cold weather, causing rapid expansion and thus cracking the glass. Another cause is the seasonal expansion and contraction of the ground causing the foundations of your house to shift thus bringing pressure to bear on the glass.

The Law requires that only currently approved safety glass can be placed in shower screens. If the screen is older than 25 years then it most likely does not have safety glass. Some of the older screens have glass that has now been removed from the safety glass register, e.g. Wired glass. Amber glass is no longer available as the manufacturing process involved very toxic substances and was deemed to be too dangerous to produce. If your screen has wired glass or non-safety glass you should replace it as the potential for injury in a fall or knock is high. In a rental property you could be held liable for any injury.

Speedy Shower Screens no longer refits shower screens due to the many occasions that we have arrived to find the screen not suitable for refitting.

The glass may not be currently approved safety glass. If you have re-tiled the screen may not fit and cannot be modified. We recommend that you do not buy a second-hand screen as the risks are extremely high that it cannot be installed in your shower recess. As stated above, Speedy Shower Screens no longer refits old shower screens.

We can only help stop leaks where the leak is coming between the frame and wall tiles or the frame and base. If there is a crack in the base or the tiles, or where the leak is behind the tilework, then you will need a plumber or specialised tradesman.

If we still haven’t answered all your concerns within our FAQs. Send us a message or give us a call on (03) 9850 9855 and we’ll be glad to provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

Google Rating
Based on 223 reviews