Sustainability In-Store EV Charging Stations

Sustainability In-Store EV Charging Stations

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Charge Up Your Tesla While You Shop – A Green Initiative by Speedy Shower Screen

In an exciting move towards sustainability, Speedy Shower Screen is proud to announce the installation of in-store Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, including dedicated charging spots for Tesla vehicles. This innovative initiative reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and aims to provide convenience for our customers who drive electric.

Convenience Meets Sustainability: Charging Your EV While You Shop

At Speedy Shower Screen, we understand the growing importance of sustainable practices in our daily lives. With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, we have taken a significant step to align our brand with eco-friendly initiatives. Our newly installed in-store EV charging stations allow customers to charge their electric vehicles while they shop, providing a seamless and sustainable experience.

Tesla Charging Spots: Supporting the Future of Transportation

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Speedy Shower Screen has gone a step further by incorporating charging spots for Tesla vehicles. Tesla owners can now enjoy the convenience of charging their cars while exploring our showroom and making their selections. This not only promotes eco-conscious practices but also supports the transition to electric vehicles and the growth of the sustainable transportation sector.


A Positive Impact on the Environment: Reducing Carbon Footprints

By offering EV charging stations, Speedy Shower Screen is contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions associated with traditional transportation methods. As customers embrace electric vehicles, they can feel confident knowing that their shopping experience aligns with a more sustainable future. We believe that small steps, when taken collectively, can make a significant impact on the environment.

How It Works: Easy and Efficient Charging

Charging your electric vehicle at Speedy Shower Screen is a straightforward process. Simply park in one of our designated EV charging spots, connect your vehicle to the charging station and proceed with your shopping. While you explore our showroom and select the perfect shower screen or bathroom accessories, your EV will be charging, ensuring that you leave with both a sustainable purchase and a fully charged vehicle.

Join Us on the Journey to Sustainability

Speedy Shower Screen invites our customers, employees and the community to join us on this exciting journey towards sustainability. By incorporating EV charging stations into our showroom, we hope to inspire positive change and encourage others to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives.

Visit Speedy Shower Screen today to experience the perfect blend of convenience and sustainability. Together, let’s pave the way for a greener and cleaner future.

Charge up, shop sustainably and drive into the future with Speedy Shower Screen!

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